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I come from a line of psychics on both sides of my family:
I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and I am an empath. I am a natural born psychic and grew up with a psychically gifted father and a psychic maternal grandmother. Early on, I knew I had the gift of being psychic, and I had guidance and acceptance from my family, as the gift runs strong in my family.

Spirit has blessed me with many gifts
I am not only a true psychic, but I have long been studying metaphysics - and continue to do so. I am an ordained minister (also known as Reverend Helen Wong) and a healer - I am a second degree Usui Reiki, and an Angelic Reiki Master.

Knowledge and growth have energy - at times we are students, at times teachers...

I have taught Master Angelic Reiki, meditation, metaphysical and spiritual classes, and will be announcing new courses here on my website and on my FaceBook page. Please feel free to use my contact form to express your interest in a particular subject area.

My clients, then and now:

I am located in Stockton, CA and have been giving in-person and telephone readings for individual clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area, actually throughout California and across the United States, for many years. 

I have also worked with various police departments. When they are frustrated with zero leads, they call me and I have helped them discover missing information that has helped them solve crimes.

While I do help the police when I am called, my joy is in helping individual clients grow and live fuller, happier lives. The knowledge given from Spirit in psychic readings is tailored for each individual at that person's particular place in their lives. I love seeing clients use the knowledge channeled from Spirit to better navigate the rough spots and take more joy in the good times. Psychic readings help my clients gain a broader perspective on their lives and life's purpose.

What can I expect from a psychic reading with Helen Wong?

I begin each session with a prayer, calling in Mother God, Father God, Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Angelic Forces so that the information I receive and channel is from the highest, most blessed source possible and that through the session my client and I will understand the information received so that the client may use the information in the most constructive way - and that when the session is complete, the client will feel empowered, blessed, uplifted, and guarded. None of us is ever alone, and my clients receive clear, accurate information, only the truth, along with special messages, information, warnings, and of course encouragement and love.

It doesn't matter whether we meet in person or by phone, the information comes through regardless of time/space constraints. As a convenience, I record sessions so that the information can be reviewed, and perhaps better understood at a later time.
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