Trees Internship (NDA)

An achievement mobile app that uses a machine learning process to link users to the best action plan and mentors for their learning styles. Given a dataset of sufficient size and specificity, Trees' machine learning process will combine these inputs to triage a large number of possible action plans down to a ranking of empirically validated action plans that are most likely to succeed for each new user.  With such measurements, the machine-learning backend provides users the best suitable action plans to guide them to success. 



Human-Centered Design, User Research, Visual Design, UIUX


April-August (2020)


Tyler Matsuzaki, Justin Tran



I joined Trees as a UI/UX Design intern. I was placed on a team who were quite new and unfamiliar with UX design. With no guidance, I took on the initiative to learn how to use Figma and Sketch on my own. Later, I decided to redesign the entire app in my free time with new design layouts for every screen, information architecture, and home navigation to enhance user experience because I realized the current does not reflect Trees' true potential. I pitched my ideas and designs to the CEO and project management team who all vouched for my new design and trashed the current one. My designs were then created on a pitch deck to investors. I also took on the lead to teach the design interns how to use Figma, prototyping and wire framing techniques, and provided feedback on their designs. 

Learning and Growth

Prior to Trees, I mainly had industry experience in graphic and visual design. Having a background in graphic design brought me valuable skills such as having a keen eye in design. Creating beautiful aesthetics improves the overall user experience of a product by making users feel better about it. I'm glad I was able to bring in useful skills to enhance the app and to work alongside with a team of designers and engineers. I'm proud of myself for successfully learning UX on my own by spending hours watching lectures on YouTube and LinkedIn Learning videos. Getting praised by the CEO and project management team was also very rewarding and memorable!  


My internship with Trees was certainly challenging, I spent hours learning how to iterate better visually pleasing yet functional designs. I was solving a problem in a completely new space and audience, and there was a lot to learn and understand about the company itself before I could even begin designing. Nevertheless, these challenges proved to be a huge catalyst for my growth and drove me to perform new tasks and pushed me outside of my comfort zone with new experiences. Overall, I had a fun experience working in a startup culture!

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