The coronavirus pandemic has spurred the adoption of distance learning at numerous universities. The mass transition will be a proving ground for online education. Poor time management, especially undermining efforts to establish and follow your priorities can be a result of: distractibility, procrastination, and over–accessibility. Mindflow, a chrome extension help aid students maximize intense focus and increase productivity levels by utilizing the pomodoro method. 


Human-Centered Design, User Research, Visual Design, UIUX


24 hours (Hacksprint)


Takumi Arai, Tyler Matsuzaki


The pandemic has caused students to lose self-control by surfing the web and browsing social media for hours. Students find it difficult to focus sustainably on their studies and most seem to lack quality time for reading ,writing, and completing their assignments. How can student's be more productive especially during the pandemic?


A chrome extension that tracks and tags activity and keeps it organized in daily statistics by utilizing the pomodoro study technique to keep user's engaged. 

How might we? 

Brainstorming ideas on user needs and what needed to be incorporated into the Chrome Extension. 

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Mind Mapping 

Mapping out the experience of a user with a specific problem space. 

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User Research

Through google surveys, a total of 53 responses were collected from students at San Jose State University, University of California- Santa Cruz, California Polytechnic State University, and University of California-Davis ages ranging from 17-23. Through this research we were able to understand what student's from different universities needed on a broader level. 

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The majority of students have noticed a major decrease in productivity levels after transitioning to online learning due to the pandemic. Social media is the leading cause of distraction. Many students do not utilize any special apps or online websites to help increase focus but they rely on pure self-control and motivation. 

Competitor Audit

Researching existing apps, websites, or chrome extensions to better understand our target audience and what we can do better. 



Final Deliverables

After many iterations in a short time frame of 24 hours, this is our final product of Mindflow. 


Overview of the chrome extension landing page. Features friend activity, pomodoro timer, and task list. 

Dark mode eases the eyes for users who have sensitive eyes. 


Designing within a short time frame is definitely challenging. I learned to work more efficiently and to delegate tasks among my team. I spent hours learning how to iterate better visually pleasing yet functional designs. I was solving a problem in a completely new space and audience, and there was a lot to learn and understand before I could even begin designing. Nevertheless, these challenges proved to be a huge catalyst for my growth and drove me to perform new tasks and pushed me outside of my comfort zone with new experiences.